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 why isn't soccer as popular in US as other countries? (19)

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why isn't soccer as popular in US as other countries?

 It is obviously increasingly becoming  more popular in the last years but why did it take so long?

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Because you can't put commercials except during half-time. If soccer was on network television more people would follow it, but because it has a running clock, networks aren't interested.

Basketball, baseball, and football all have natural breaks for commercials and therefore it is very simple for networks to make money off them.

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We have too many other sports like baseball, hockey, basketball and football for us to like soccer like other countries

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Many countries, much smaller than the USA, have multiple popular sports and compete at the top level in them all. For instance Australia compete in soccer, cricket, rugby union, rugby league and manage to still have a competitive Aussie-only sport (Aussie rules). All those sports consistently pull in large crowds.

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You know what I think,I think yes cause in 1 country thay call it football,and if you make me post a pic i`m not going to date you.

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america is dominated by nfl, nba, mlb and the entertainment of politics. sport like soccer arent televised strongly. if usa was ruled by the uk in the past then sports like soccer rugby and cricket would be popular.

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because they suck at it and got so mad that they created a different sport that they were good at, called the same thing so when they were asked to play they would bring a diferent ball and tackle(bowl them over) the opponent and use there hands

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Americans have many sports where they are "World Champions", usually because they play mostly against other Americans. It is much harder to support a struggling mid-table team than a league winner. Soccer will never be very popular unless the USA start to win proper tournaments consistently.

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It is each of me and my friends have been on a select soccer team at some point and we're only in middle school. Oh and my other friend's team won the championship...

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I think it is because Baseball and Football gets all the attention in America.

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Because it's not really soccer. It's football. It's probably the most popular sport in the world.

The reason it's not popular in America is that they called a game primarily played by the hand football. So it hurts their heads when they see an actual game of FOOTball, to the point where it confuses them so much they'd prefer to just not think about it especially when it means there's 2 different footballs - American football and football football. So instead of changing the word for (american) football... they decided not to participate in (football) football.

Damn I've said football so many times now it seems wierd.

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