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will WW3 be the end of the world?

with all these nuclear weapons...


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I don't think it will be the end of the world. Yes we do have equipment to blow up the earth 7 times - but in order to make that happen you need 1/7 of all nuclear weapons to blow up at the same time, right?

Maybe I'm wrong, feel free to correct me.

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You are on the wrong side, you think NO

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True, sorry guys :)

. .

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Have you played the game fallout? Unfortunately thats the future guys.

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You mean like a desert is still a desert after bombs fell :l ? (Just kidding)

I think it'd be like metro 2033 ... where people live underground ...

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Yea like metro 2033, but with rad scorpions....Don't forget the rad scorpions.

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Humanity, unfortunately, will cause the end of the world with nuclear destruction.

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i think that we are already fighting world war three.there is unrest everywhere in the world in its various to no happy people anywhere. the fight between indiginous people and the occupants of their countries is at blowing point everywhere.wars fought with soldiers and guns are only revenue raising exercises for the major powers.

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possum1(37) Clarified
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Hmmmm. Have you been listening to Prison Song by any chance?

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