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will it ever be possible for people to travel in time?


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You want the [email protected]$$ answer or the answer you are looking for.

Smart answer: Look at a clock, preferably with a second counter/hand. See that moving/changing? You are traveling through time, merely forward at the same rate as everyone else (except astronauts/cosmonauts, a little bit different rate, I shouldn't get into relativity here).

The answer you are looking for: Ah yes, you can look at either Ronald Mallett's work which uses lasers. The catch is that you can only go back as far as the first machine is activated.

Another thing that has a catch is that even if you do go back in time you will not be in the same place, not even close. You will be in space, considering that the earth moves around the sun at roughly 107,300 km/h. This is an issue due to the earth's diameter is roughly 12,756 km. So if you went back an hour you would be very far from the earth! Not suggested.

Note: You need a wormhole with the gravity (or size) of Jupiter to get a potato chip through time, not advisable route.

TL;DR, you can do it, just not advisable if you want to go back in time.

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I'm travelling in time constantly, even as I write this message =P

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Well traveling forward is much easier. You are doing it now. But to travel forward at a different rate of time than the others around you is also relatively simple. Just travel at relativistic speeds (86% the speed of light and time basically doubles from the "stationary" point's time on the Earth to the relativistic traveler's time). So you could age a year, and they would age two years. So i suppose, technically that is time travelling, just not in the traditional sense.

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What you need is a DeLorean, a flux capacitor and an ability to reach 88 miles an hour:):):)

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Nope, any logical person who was smart enough to develop a device to travel in time, would be smart enough to go back in time and give it to themselves, therefore eliminating a need to create it in the first place, therefore they couldn't have invented it in the first place, and therefore couldn't go back in time to give it to himself. Thus I present to you, the Time paradox.

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Any logical person would realize that going back in time and giving the time machine to themselves would create a time paradox so they would never create the paradox in the first place. Besides time travel would probably be through a worm hole and it would be a one way trip.

Also, if the multiverse theory is correct then going back in time would just create an alternate universe since the future would not of been written yet. So you could possible give yourself the time machine because you created it in another universe not affected by your meddling with the past.

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Wish I could, but thanks to Einstien, we cant.

I think a good debate to add to this is whether it would be wise to do such a thing.

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Time travel is only a pipe dream. It is impossible for someone to go forward or backward in time.

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