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Language Grade Level uses the Flesh-Kincaid Readability Grade Level formula.

Debate Statistics for Communists always kill those who helped them obtain power
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Side scores:
So what. I still help them : 22

Total arguments:
But mein leftism : 6

Word lengths:
But mein leftism : 4.98 ave

Language grade level:
Flesh-Kincaid Readability Grade Level
But mein leftism : 12th

Vocabulary overlap:
But mein leftism

Total words used:
But mein leftism : 223

Word frequencies:
ant  barbarians  beyond  capitalism  character  claim  collective  communism  community  course  definitely  devalues  education  ever  everybody  expendable  expendabletrue  eyes  eyesyes  far  fired  gets  greater  greedy  handicap  hills  individual  individualwhat  job  life  mental  moral  mostly  mutants  nobody  oh  requires  rubbish  same  similar  socialism  that's  therefore  true  typical  understand  values  wait  why  yourself