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Language Grade Level uses the Flesh-Kincaid Readability Grade Level formula.

Debate Statistics for If you don't hurt anybody, in this great nation, are you FREE to BE anything you want?
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Side scores:
YES : 8

Only if it fits my criteria : 9

Total arguments:
YES : 9

Only if it fits my criteria : 3

Word lengths:
YES : 4.57 ave

Only if it fits my criteria : 4.88 ave

Language grade level:
Flesh-Kincaid Readability Grade Level
YES : 9th

Only if it fits my criteria : 10th

Vocabulary overlap:

Only if it fits my criteria

Total words used:
YES : 240

Only if it fits my criteria : 116

Word frequencies:
3also  acceptable  any  babbling  because  being  biologically  biologywhy  born  built  can't  constitution  continue  define  difference  doing  don't  ethics  expect  free  goal  god's  government  grandpaw  hate  hurt  judgement  just  laws  me  morality  nation  need  nice  passed  political  practice  question  religious  right  socially  someone  state  striving  stupid  toward  unfortunately  vote  well  yes