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Debate Statistics for Michael Phelps smokes a bong!
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Side scores:
Taint on his reputation : 0

Total arguments:
Health benefits of weed : 10

Word lengths:
Health benefits of weed : 4.15 ave

Language grade level:
Flesh-Kincaid Readability Grade Level
Health benefits of weed : 8th

Vocabulary overlap:
Health benefits of weed

Total words used:
Health benefits of weed : 252

Word frequencies:
also  assume  bahaha  becomes  before  big  bong  both  cares  case  deal  during  facts  fight  given  glad  help  henceforth  i'm  industrial  just  knows  legalize  lit  lol  maybe  michael  never  obama  only  open  phelps  present  presented  probably  qualities  really  right  smoke  smokes  tell  thought  undoubtably  used  utility  weed  well  whats  why  win