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Language Grade Level uses the Flesh-Kincaid Readability Grade Level formula.

Debate Statistics for TheEccentric is one angry Buddhist
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Side scores:
True : 8

Total arguments:
True : 8

Word lengths:
True : 4.51 ave

Language grade level:
Flesh-Kincaid Readability Grade Level
True : 9th

Vocabulary overlap:

Total words used:
True : 117

Word frequencies:
accounts  admitted  alt  argument  bad  bellends  bitter  buddhist  buddhists  caller  can't  cant  conform  don't  downvote  downvoting  drying  enlightened  guy  guys  he's  himself  hope  idea  idiot  ignorant  isn't  ive  me  missed  name  noe  nothing  opposed  phe  point  real  really  reborn  remarkably  seem  seems  stereotype  that's  theeccentric  threadhttpwwwcreatedebatecomdebateshowcanweallagreethatgaypeopledonotchosetobegayarg526326  totally  using  worm  youcoughnubcough