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Language Grade Level uses the Flesh-Kincaid Readability Grade Level formula.

Debate Statistics for What should be done, if anything to stem the tsunami of illegal immigrants into the U.S.A?
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Side scores:
Illegals at a 20 year high. : 6

Keep them coming. : 4

Total arguments:
Illegals at a 20 year high. : 2

Keep them coming. : 7

Word lengths:
Illegals at a 20 year high. : 4.99 ave

Keep them coming. : 4.54 ave

Language grade level:
Flesh-Kincaid Readability Grade Level
Illegals at a 20 year high. : 13th

Keep them coming. : 10th

Vocabulary overlap:
Illegals at a 20 year high.

Keep them coming.

Total words used:
Illegals at a 20 year high. : 104

Keep them coming. : 407

Word frequencies:
agree  america  believe  better  birth  catholic  change  church  considered  control  country  create  criminals  deal  didnt  don't  dory  dragger  every  expense  fault  fix  forbids  free  harris  haven  hey  hunky  illegals  knuckle  leadexcon  leave  mexico  modern  off  our  overpopulation  problem  refugee  refugees  safe  shit  should  status  step  taxpayers  thing  where  why  world