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Animals are people too!

It breaks my heart every time I see how badly animals are treated.Sadly, some of my own family and friends tease them.Of course I yell at them but I need your help to stop it.I care so much about animals and I hope you do too.Please sign this petition to show you care.

66. Aaron Zelmer Cowichan, British columbia
Animals are people. they think and feel like us. People treat animals poorly the same reason they treated the black slaves poorly. All should have freedoms and rights.
12/10/20 1:10
65. ujtqjcae eoquwnkk San Francisco, NY
9/4/20 6:39
64. wblabosc qxxedrxk San Francisco, NY
9/4/20 6:39
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9/4/20 6:39
62. Anonymous San Francisco, NY
9/4/20 6:39
61. Anonymous San Francisco, NY
9/4/20 6:39
60. cmnaoqtj mceynahf San Francisco, NY
9/4/20 6:14
59. Anonymous San Francisco, NY
9/4/20 6:14
58. Anonymous San Francisco, NY
9/4/20 6:14
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11/6/18 8:37
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8/17/18 1:26
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7/6/18 10:17
40. Barneyxcq rsNLOdqrWBcgAj New York, NY
2/18/18 5:57
39. Armani Larose Canal Winchester, OHIO
Animals are people when you “put them down” you commit murder
12/14/17 11:19
38. Anonymous nnnajaja, lkksks
animals are humans to! there living things! people treat animals really badly and so mean people need to know we all are humans in a way
11/19/17 11:45
37. JimmiNu UFnAYhxTemIucT New York, NY
9/11/17 2:39
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2/24/17 12:21
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26. Blue Lija a city, a state
What's the point of being here if all we can be is cruel to other beings.
11/17/16 12:29
25. tara raz madangir, Delhi
11/13/16 6:11
24. Jeremiah Kebede hbrg., pa
9/15/16 12:22
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7/1/16 3:14
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7/1/16 3:13
21. Albert Mussinsun Anderville, Ohio
I am an actual dentist and sometimes I forget to brush my teeth
4/5/16 1:20
20. Parker Wilson Colleyville, Texas
Animals have feelings, they are innocent beings who should not be abused.(Hint the word, "abused") It is not fair, nor right, I would kill a person to protect an animal.(I love them very much)
2/27/16 1:02
19. Spike Spike 5iT38QeDQ, i3NwdIMCVJjo
2/19/16 6:37
18. Ian Bartlett Hartlepool, England, UK
2/4/16 10:12
17. Mark uuNUuUVenLHGWiwqurJ New York, NY
2/4/16 9:26
16. Belma Bajramovic Culver City, California
There is no difference between the way God made humans and animals.
1/12/16 11:43
15. David Beckham Paris, Dont Know
Animals deserve rights just like humans do
12/1/15 12:23
14. Emily Moore Pelion, Sc
10/16/15 6:51
13. Aaron Hannapree New York, New York
Animals are 100% human
9/3/15 11:46
12. Mudit Bansal meerut, uttar pradesh
you are asking how is this important for me. look inside yourself and when you get the answer you start being a human
8/25/15 3:57
11. Wyatt Inghrim trenton, New Jersey
4/1/15 7:43
10. Robert Heemstra Nanticoke, Pennsylvania
I know animals are mistreated in society.
3/15/15 11:56
9. Yisraela Yisharal Jerusalem, Israel
Yahuah did not form animals and put them on the earth to be mistreated. We are to take care of these animals, not abuse them. The Bible say's any man/woman that mistreats an animal is wicked. Animals have feelings just like us. They can feel pain, they feel hunger, etc... People need to stop being so evil and stop abusing these poor animals, we are there voice since they cannot speak.
1/25/15 7:24
8. Mandy Peters London, England
Animals are not people. they are animals. but I still think they deserve to be treated equally to us
1/22/15 8:46
7. Robbie Gorey Catonsville, Maryland
Animals have brains and feelings as we do! They shall not be treated as inferior species!
1/10/15 5:57
6. Hailey Clark San Diego, CA
I love animals and I hate to see people hurting there or even pretending to hurt them
1/10/15 1:39
5. sanya kanwar new delhi, delhu
this is important because i am an animal lover but the main thing is that i believe in equality. I believe that the change can start with
1/9/15 2:23
4. Kendall Abernathy Covington, Indiana
Animals are living beings with feelings.
12/16/14 1:50
3. Agus Corradini Glen Burnie, MD
Who are humans to say one life is grater than the other. We should all be equal. As for, we all have life.
12/15/14 3:09
2. Hailey Clark San Diego, California
I love animals with all my heart, and I just hate when people hurt them.
12/13/14 7:02
1. Sydney Grueser Reedsville, OH
I love animals and they deserve to be treated equally as humans get treated.
9/18/14 11:47