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Eliminate the letter "c" from the English language

The English language has some superfluous letters that should be removed. The letter "c" and "q" serve very little purpose other than to konfuse pronunsiation and spelling. All "c" sounds can be made by either the "s" or "k," so there is virtuallly no reason to keep the "c." The same argument applies to "q," exsept it kould be entirely replased by the letter "k."

Supposedly, the justifikation for a "c" kould be made because of the "ch" sound, but even then, we kould do a different letter, like the ĉ.

For example, one kould write "checkers" like "ĉekkers" and "question" kould be written, depending on whether being spelt phonetikally or as only converting q's and c's, "kwesĉun" or just "kuestion" (if you want to preserve most of the original (but superfluous) spelling).

5. First Name codancoocperc Plymouth, UK, ENGLAND
It isn't my guess is that all of you are American and you can't understand the English language I cannot play you due to the fact you are the United Kingdom's biggest mistake therefore it explain how stupid you are as a country with a C
11/12/22 2:22
4. Mike Rotch Intercourse, InTheBedRoom
I "C" that it is a usless letter. What kind of twisted english teacher would use such a thing
2/6/13 7:39
3. Jacob Olsen Platte City, Mo
I am a firm believer that the letter C was created to jack little kids up, and confuse them. C is useless!!!
2/1/13 10:37
2. darren bryant vancouver, washington
bekuase the letter C is useless
2/1/13 9:45
1. Jonathan Goh somewhere, somewhere
Because it is a real fuss
2/1/13 8:49