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Gay Marriage

If two people love each other, they should have a right to marry each other! Love is love! The bible condones slavery, rape marriges, child abuse, ect. so until you can prove that god actually excists, you shouldn't consider it as your moral guidebook. I AM PRO GAY MARRIAGE. People need to stop being so rude. Just let people love each other!

16. Asha Kanta Sharma Guwahati, Assam, India
6/25/18 11:09
15. Asha Kanta Sharma Guwahati, Assam, India
6/25/18 11:06
14. Shawna Smith Sewickley, Pennsylvania
11/2/17 12:48
13. Anonymous Taylor, Texas
10/14/17 3:36
12. Tris Everdeen Sydney, NSW
8/30/17 8:07
11. Kelly-Ann Struwig Johannesburg, Gauteng
It is not wrong to love each other and as long as no one gets hurt then who are we to stand in the way
3/29/16 12:26
10. athena the awesome The big apple (Manhattan, NY
People should be able to love who they want and they shouldn't be ashamed of that because of the world
7/24/15 5:12
9. Lachlan James Adelaide, South Australia
This is disrespectful towards people. Where is the equality? Like just because two of the same sex marry doesn't mean it will change your life directly. People should be able to express themselves and who they are.
6/1/15 3:14
8. Ben Huss House Springs, Missouri
Who cares if you love somebody
5/14/15 3:15
7. Anonymous Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
5/2/15 6:23
6. I Help Gome, MO
Marriage is something that should be free to be expressed through love not regulated through governments. If convicted felons can get married then why can't homosexual couples
4/15/15 10:29
5. Laura Mason Swanage, England
Love is what matters not which gender you love
3/30/15 12:26
4. max meiser Denver, Colorado
Love is love
3/28/15 1:38
3. Harry Steevens Poole, England
2/4/15 8:43
2. Mandy Peters London, England
1/22/15 8:43
1. Hailey Clark san diego, CA
Love is love, let people love each other
1/11/15 2:49