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Make Donald Trump Stand Down As President.

20. bajjkqwn tvendklw San Francisco, NY
9/4/20 6:39
19. uvyxiqws jysauaaa San Francisco, NY
9/4/20 6:39
18. qxkgpapx utaiyqlb San Francisco, NY
9/4/20 6:39
17. Anonymous San Francisco, NY
9/4/20 6:39
16. sywdhrpc mwtsrwvx San Francisco, NY
9/4/20 6:14
15. Anonymous San Francisco, NY
9/4/20 6:14
14. Yajaira Linares-Mendoza Winchester, Virginia
He is the worst president to ever be known. Not only the fact that he's made everything worse but he simply hasn't done crap about the virus as of now. He could've simply prevented all of this and now everyone is literally paying for his mistakes.
4/15/20 9:33
13. Sam Dykes Edinburgh, UK
He's all over the damn news, he's making the US look like shite, and he's making me angry just because I even have to sign this petition. Stupid Yankee Doodles.
6/28/18 10:36
12. Anonymous kendall park, new jersey
hes an ass president and needs to die
6/1/18 4:37
11. Harish Robertson Reading, UK
Trump is a horrible human being, and is ruining our great world. He must stopped or all will be lost. Why did you elect him, my Yankee friends? He is right wing and against all things liberal. By the way, I'm going to the anti-Trump protest over here in Britain, as he's coming over.
5/4/18 7:09
10. Westman Dafren Miami, Florida
2/22/18 7:05
9. Declan Fledderjohn Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Trump has to be the most rude president ever. He's making us pay for a stupid wall that won't help. Mexicans know what ladders are!
2/22/18 7:04
8. Destiny White Atlanta, GA
Because Donald Trump doesn't understand how educated you have to be in our economy and our country's politics to be able to lead us. All he cares about is the TITLE & MONEY. Every time he says "Build A Wall," I want to smash that wall over his head. But, we have to remember that he IS the president, and as long as he is in office, we have to respect his rules and title. Even though we may not like it. We are not alone, many people do not like him, but we still have to respect him.
2/18/18 11:07
7. Destiny Birdy City, louisiana
He's ruining our government even more and takes peoples rights away.
8/10/17 3:10
6. Holer Dunkirk none, none
I think he's an idiot.
7/27/17 6:24
5. Holer Dunkirk none, none
Thank you, James Mole. I agree.
7/27/17 6:23
4. Foxy The Pirate none, Nevada
Yargggh, he's lying in front oof the press. He's covering his lies with his "I'm interested" face. Am I Right, Mate.
7/27/17 6:21
3. hunk roder las vegas, nevada
His just ignoring the stuff like the terrorism and lying about stuff in front of the press.
7/27/17 6:17
2. Yuanhao Zhao LiuZhou, GuangXi
6/25/17 7:12
1. James Mole Newcastle, None, UK.
He's an idiot.
6/24/17 8:15