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Petition to put a one vote limit on petitions.

These petitions would be a little more authentic if we could restrain the number of votes to one per person, and if we could have an e-sign feature to prevent multiple accounts from voting that'd be nice too.

8. Phantom 9 Elgin, Illinois
Want it to be fair.
10/19/22 1:41
7. Alicia Kistner-King Springfield, Oregon
3/7/13 9:05
6. Holly Hausler Dennard, AR
2/27/13 6:00
5. spicy gorilia City, State
2/8/13 11:52
4. Wardog ninja mount pleasant, south carolina
Seems like common sense
1/31/13 7:05
3. Ismaila Singley Gig Harbor, WA
I want a fair petition system.
1/31/13 5:36
2. Cynical Pirate-Monkey Arlington, Texas
Kind of obvious to get this implemented, if possible, as allowing one person to vote on petitions would, essentially, corrupt the system.
1/31/13 7:34
1. Christ Almighty(aku) Springfield, Oregon
Why is this important to me? Well this site would get a ton more traffic if it had a legitimate and legal petition process.
1/30/13 6:47