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Protect our 2nd amendment

The 2nd amendment to the constitution gave citizens the right to bare arms, so that they would be able to protect themselves. Some people say that guns cause crime. This is not true, if an abolision of weapons were made, good people will abondon their guns while criminals ignore the law, and when they commit crime, good citizens wouln't be able to stop them. Don't let our constitution die.

7. Josh Herrera Huntley, Illinois
I hate to say it. But our government is going against our own constitution and it kills me. The people, we the people, deserve to have a government that believes in its own write. We need to keep the 2 amendment.
10/3/16 2:32
6. gracie rodriguez waxahachie, Texas
It is in our BILL OF RIGHTS you cannot take that away, this is not what our forefathers would have wanted!!!
9/3/16 4:51
5. Anonymous Houston, TX
Because the bill of rights is awesome and still very relevant. No need to change it.
5/15/16 11:24
4. Elias smith demopolis, Alabama
because i want to have the right and ability to defend myself from an attack
5/5/16 2:06
3. Kimberly Collins Grass Valley, California
5/3/16 12:05
2. Daniel Ford Shawnee, Oklahoma
5/3/16 12:03
1. Ansel Zhang Mission Viejo, California
5/3/16 12:01