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The option for more than two sides in a debate

As it stands now, when we create a debate here, we have a few options. -A perspectives debate, where there are no sides to choose between and everyone posts his or her stance on the matter. -For/against debates, wherein two positions are defined and can be argued for or against according to the posters choice. -Challenge debates which are much the same as the for/against category. However, there are almost always more than two possible stances on an issue. Very often, there are more than two popular stances on an issue. Not every topic is a dichotomy. I'm opening this petition to request the option to include a third, or possibly even a fourth 'side' in the for/against and challenge debate types. I believe this will allow many debates to be more active, and as such get more perspectives and arguments in general for the topic- a solid win all around, in my opinion. I've read many a debate where I was interested and wanted to make statements, but couldn't countenance the idea of voting for either option offered, and I'm sure I'm not alone in that. Setting the goal initially to 50 signatures.

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1/20/21 8:46
64. guy mac guy a place, a state
12/25/20 11:57
63. vkjshmea tyktmlrd San Francisco, NY
9/4/20 6:39
62. yulddkho tywcjxlx San Francisco, NY
9/4/20 6:39
61. mmpnbwna cwxuoyfr San Francisco, NY
9/4/20 6:39
60. mligjjni cdltgxaq San Francisco, NY
9/4/20 6:39
59. uackrydl osxbdwpx San Francisco, NY
9/4/20 6:39
58. Anonymous San Francisco, NY
9/4/20 6:39
57. Anonymous San Francisco, NY
9/4/20 6:39
56. Anonymous San Francisco, NY
9/4/20 6:14
55. vsjdjfae nveptogr San Francisco, NY
9/4/20 6:14
54. Miya Nightshadow Galveston, Texas
There are always more than 2 sides to a story, so why should there only be 2 sides to a debate? HMMMMMMM????
5/21/20 8:13
53. wrffbe GknCojJomA New York, NY
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9/6/19 9:41
52. Harry Potter Hogwarts, unknown
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8/16/19 6:39
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10/14/18 1:42
30. One Eye McPie Melbourne, Victoria
It can include more people in a debate with more points of views and even make new debates in general Such as Which is the better form of government, Democracy, Communism, or Facisim
10/7/18 11:49
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28. Dylan Bye Sunburst, Montana
7/17/18 6:53
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26. Anonymous Las Vegas, NV
5/4/18 7:08
25. Jenna Pinter Maple Valley, Washington
1/3/18 7:59
24. Unknown Not-revealing Los Angeles, CA
Because there can be three sides to a war
12/20/17 4:54
23. Phoenix Breland Houston, Texas
A site dedicated to debate should promote nuance as much as possible.
12/14/17 3:20
22. Ethan Jones Irmo, SC
11/29/17 12:39
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13. Alasdair McLean New York, New York
Having exclusively two sides lends itself towards only catering to those who have extremely differing views. It discredits those who disagree for only a particular reason, or those who only partially disagree.
12/2/16 3:49
12. Emma Noir KĂžbenhavn, Denmark
11/17/16 2:34
11. Benjamin Ashton Oxford, Bujckinghamshire
10/28/16 1:58
10. Josh Herrera Huntey, Illinois
It would be great to have more that two side debates. They would become more heated arguments. And that's what a debate should be. Heated
10/4/16 1:10
9. Jonah Rather Not Say Private, Private
I have had times where I want to make a compromise because both sides of the argument are exaggerated.
4/20/16 8:11
8. Jacky Chen Ridley Park, Pennsylvania
Sometimes I don't like either choices or both choices and I want to say why. However, I can't because only two choices are allowed.
3/30/16 9:34
7. Ashton Rubio North Little Rock, Arkansas
3/8/16 7:30
6. Liam Maddox Spokane, WA
Very rarely are debates as binary as the site often suggests. Quite frequently are the most reasonable answers are another viewpoint entirely
11/11/15 4:44
5. Sylvia Wolfgang Midlothian, Virginia
4/1/15 3:02
4. Anonymous Nopeville, Despair
I often find myself stuck in between views on for/against debates, wanting to argue both sides.
2/3/15 6:24
3. Baylie Carlson Prior Lake, MN
We should be able to debate multips aspects of each debate
1/15/15 4:53
2. Anonymous Newport News, VA
Sometimes I don't feel too well allied with either side and feel the need for a second option
1/9/15 2:49
1. Sitara Singley Gig Harbor, WA
5/22/14 8:12