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Top 8 Web Design Errors your Developer May Be Making



Is your web design not what it should be? That may be because the developer is making one or more of the most common mistakes in creating your site. While web design errors may not be fully avoidable, they can be quickly identified so that mistakes can be caught early in the process.

Here are the eight top web design errors that developers have made to countless numbers of websites. With this information, a developer can avoid making these mistakes or the website owner can spot them and have it corrected.

Old School HTML

One of the most interesting mistakes is also one of the oldest. Back in the 20th century, it was common for developers to write HTML codes when creating websites. However, the internet has changed considerably and such old fashion codes create inconsistencies that slow down your website. Modern browsers do not need such code anymore so it should be avoided.

Poor Form

Basically, it prompts the user to provide information and assumes that the data will be used as intended. A lot of things can go wrong when the wrong form is used, so what is entered needs to be very clear and concise. This means that it needs to be fully tested first to ensure that the form is proper and complete.

Bad Code

Another common reason why web design errors occur is bad or improper code. This often happens when the developer has to rush and does not properly test each code. While catching all errors may not be possible in the design stage, they can be greatly reduced with proper testing.

Too Bloated

Too many images, linked file, and complex HTML codes result in a bloated website that is slow and not very responsive. This means people having to wait too long for it to download and giving up. The solution is always to make each page as simple and sleek as possible to avoid such bloating even with today’s faster internet speeds.

Browser-Centric Testing

What works in one browser may not work in another. This is essentially a form of laziness by the developer who does not take the time to test out the web design on the most popular web browser formats. Today, there are free tools that allow websites to be seen and tested on the most popular browsers to ensure that the site works properly.

Unresponsive Design

This occurs when the developer does not test the website on different size screens. Using a responsive design and at least a few different screen sizes such as smartphone, tablet, and average size computer monitor generally spots any issues quickly.

Too Many Refreshes

This is an issue similar to sites that are too bloated are those that need too many refreshes for every interaction. This means the website lacks fluidity and resetting often occurs as a result. There are popular techniques and frameworks that can prevent this from happening particularly when there is no need.

Overall, these are the eight most common web design errors that developers make. There are others such as creating pages that serve no purpose or using forking codes that can also have a negative effect.




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