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11wolf's Reward Points: 679

Points When What Where
2 Created Debate Restrictions of PDA in school
1 Added Argument teacher give student so many homework
5 Created Debate True love can it really be real?
5 Created Debate The Legislative branch has too much power
1 Added Argument CreateDebate Poll: Gun Laws
1 Added Argument Eligibility to vote should be based on one's ability to reason critically.
0 Added Argument School Uniforms
5 Created Debate Church of the flying spaghetti monster!?
5 Created Debate Is human nature naturally good or bad
2 Added Argument Do you think a zombie apocalypse can really happen?
1 Added Argument There is some kind of extraterrestrial life out there other than on Earth
2 Created Debate Who had a better social contact
5 Created Debate which is better
5 Created Debate would you rather be killed by burning or drowning
5 Created Debate There is some kind of extraterrestrial life out there other than on Earth
3 Created Debate Life would be boring without some kind of violence
5 Created Debate Most people that have power mostly makes laws/rules that will mostly benefit themselves
5 Created Debate What do you think people should add to their school
4 Created Debate What type of government would be the best to rule a country out of these
4 Created Debate Should they start school after labor day
1 Added Argument Are leaders born or made
1 Added Argument Would you date someone who had a completely different religious belief than yours?
1 Added Argument Should students have homework???
5 Created Debate What will be our downfall?

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