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24cb01's Reward Points: 159

Points When What Where
3 Created Debate What do you guys do all day?
1 Added Argument Hootie attempts to slander Bronto
2 Created Debate What good are economists anyway?
1 Added Argument Does Democrat logic make sense? Help the poor, kill the poor. Can there be bigger phony's?
1 Added Argument should i become a police man or should i join the army
1 Added Argument Have you joined yet?
1 Added Argument Do you believe there are other living things outside of this earth??
1 Created Debate Athens was a better city state than Sparta
5 Created Debate Should I make more debates
5 Created Debate Will there be war on USA soon?
1 Added Argument Can the 76ers become a contender if both Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid are healthy?
1 Added Argument Who is racist? Whites or blacks?
1 Added Argument Does hair matter?
4 Added Argument Who's the murderer?
5 Created Debate Who's the murderer?
1 Added Argument Reading: Good v.s Bad
2 Created Debate Fidget Spinners fun?
1 Added Argument Should McDonald's start serving McNuggets with real chicken?
1 Added Argument I am on the leader board!
1 Added Argument Knock Knock Jokes
5 Created Debate Knock Knock Jokes
2 Added Argument Elmo or Elmo
1 Added Argument Elmo or Elmo

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