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Adaptis's Reward Points: 26

Points When What Where
1 Created Debate Should the younger generation be given so much attention
5 Created Debate Should the u.s ban the death penalty?
0 Added Argument Abortion is awsome
5 Created Debate Should cigarettes be illegal?
3 Created Debate Is the second generation in danger from the morals of today's world
1 Added Argument Should races be allowed to go extinct?
1 Added Argument Should all children recieve a trophy or medal in sporting events despite losing?
1 Added Argument The election process is fair and just
1 Added Argument Which comic company is better?
4 Added Argument Is war right?
1 Added Argument Should we fully explore the ocean to look for mermaids?
1 Created Debate Should the u.s exploit it's nuclear forces?
1 Added Argument Soldiers and their orders.
1 Added Argument Should Batman use guns?

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