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AllenWest's Reward Points: 33

Points When What Where
5 Created Debate The left is the boy who cried racism
1 Created Debate W.Va. lawmakers announce bill to help fund Trump's border wall
1 Created Debate FAKE NEWS! CNN Claims ‘Around 1000’ People Attended March for Life
5 Created Debate If Capitalism sucks and Socialism rocks, why don't Hondurans head to Venezuela?
1 Added Argument Secret Motive for Wall
-1 Downvoted Argument Judge rules that liberals are racist bigots
1 Added Argument Judge rules that liberals are racist bigots
4 Created Debate If a criminal has a gun and I don't, how is that equality?
1 Added Argument Mexico lets ANY American into their country WITHOUT being vetted. What's WRONG with them?
5 Created Debate Should the government do less and just get out of our way?

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