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AltonSmith's Reward Points: 111

Points When What Where
1 High Rated Argument Should the Pledge of Allegiance be said in schools?
1 High Rated Argument Is climate change man made or natural?
1 Added Argument Capitalism does more good than harm
1 Added Argument Should School Prayer Be Allowed In Schools?
1 Added Argument Cowards among us?
-1 Downvoted Argument Cowards among us?
1 Added Argument Are American Hating Europeans really that different than those who they hate?
1 Added Argument Outsourcing of US jobs to foreign countries: Bad or Good?
1 Added Argument The US is not really democracy
1 Created Debate Should nations increase spending compared to current levels?
2 Added Argument Universal Health Care
1 Added Argument They made Obama President. Will they make Sarah President
2 Added Argument Could The Whole Concept of Jesus Be A Myth?
1 Added Argument Is the world a better place without christians?
4 Added Argument Government has a responsibility to provide financial aid(money) to senior citizens.
1 Added Argument Should we drill for oil in Alaska?
2 Added Argument National debt?
1 Added Argument Was The Iraq War Justified???
1 Added Argument Is Pop Music inferior to Classical Music ?
1 Added Argument Is "under God" in the American Pledge of Allegiance appropriate?
3 High Rated Argument Should the Pledge of Allegiance be said in schools?
1 Added Argument Is Linux ready for the computers of non-tech savvy users?
1 Added Argument Is technology harming teens?
1 Added Argument PC or Mac?

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