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Anate's Reward Points: 16

Points When What Where
1 High Rated Argument Does God exist?
1 Added Argument Does God exist?
3 Added Argument Plantinga's ontological argument
1 Added Argument Should We Answer A Fool (i.e. that don't believe in the existence of God) Or Not
1 Added Argument Why atheists always lose to theists in debates?
1 Added Argument Attention All Theists!
1 Added Argument Grave errors/inconsistencies in the Bible make literal translation worthless.
1 Added Argument how do you explain
1 Added Argument why do people still believe in christianity?
3 Added Argument Evolution is a lie
1 Added Argument Shall Atheist study apologetics in order to master debating skill ?
1 Added Argument evolution has little credibility?

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