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AntiBurrito's Reward Points: 94

Points When What Where
1 Created Debate For Trump supporters in Portland, the left is the face of intolerance
5 Created Debate Antifa militant pedo arrested for stabbing black Trump supporter in Portland
2 Added Argument Burritolunch caught posting propaganda fake news
1 Added Argument Can you judge a man from hundreds of years ago by today's standards?
1 Added Argument Burrito has found his time machine .....again
4 Added Argument I thought right wingers HATED pedophiles?? No, huh? Trump LOVES the procurer in CHIEF
4 Added Argument A bit of background on Mr Angrys ( Burrito ) hero’s Marx and Engels
1 Added Argument Does anyone feel her on this?
1 Added Argument Why is Burrito constantly angry?
1 Created Debate Burritolunch is frustrated that Orwell said Communism and Nazism were the same thing
5 Created Debate You can smell burrito's desperation as he desperately attacks Trump
1 Created Debate Why does burrito's mom have to support him financially

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