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3 Created Debate Can you think of any reason Democrats aren't clammoring to let Cubans into the US
1 Added Argument Do white libs import brown people because white libs don't reproduce?
1 Added Argument Democrats run Muslim out of town hall and cut off her mic for having an opinion
1 Added Argument Let's celebrate Black people breaking away from the plantation owning white libs
1 Added Argument 8 fully vaccinated NY Yankees get Coronavirus anyway
1 Added Argument Liberal husband won't take off mask to eat or during sex
1 Added Argument Do you play games with your children?
5 Created Debate Is Biden seizing land to continue border wall 'racist'
1 Added Argument If Trump gets enough states to OVER THROW the election and INSTALL him, is that good??
1 Added Argument Were the participants who engaged in the "meeting" on Jan 6, PATRIOTS or INSURRECTIONISTS?
1 Added Argument Trump supporters, WHO is the elected president? HOW do you intend to OBTAIN it?
5 Created Debate Defund the police or I'm not stupid?
1 Added Argument BLM Activist trashes police, gets shot and killed in gang violence
1 Added Argument Left wing media has sure had to eat a lot of crow
1 Added Argument If the lord will not put a burden on you heavier than you can handle - then why are there
5 Created Debate Do blacks owe Republicans reparations for freeing the slaves with their blood
2 Created Debate Does Britain owe white Americans reparations for the Revolutionary War?
1 Added Argument BLM , Marxist leader buys multiple million dollar properties with donation money
1 Added Argument DC Capital Police shot and killed one of the rioters. Was it a lawful shoot?
1 Added Argument Nom banned me for the third time, for standing up to, his lies.
5 Created Debate Democrats could have sent you checks for the price of wasted impeachment
1 Added Argument LIVE: House Vote To Impeach Donald Trump

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