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5 Created Debate From unhappy liberal to happy conservative. What changed?
1 Created Debate Left is having fully nude drag queen stripper shows for children
1 Created Debate Libs at NBC delete tweet after calling immigrants trash
1 Created Debate This is what the left is. Time to face reality
5 Created Debate Explain why migrants being shipped to liberal sanctuary areas is a bad thing
1 Created Debate Now that the migrants are in the left's back yard, it's a crisis
2 Created Debate Would Democrats want your guns if only white people had them?
1 Created Debate School shootings are WHY we have the 2nd Amendment and gun rights
1 Created Debate Bill Maher says what few Leftists are willing to say
5 Created Debate Everywhere I look, black people are waking up
2 Added Argument Why do you think religion exists? This is more for the atheists out there.
5 Created Debate Did right or left wing media first tell you about Hunter Biden's laptop?
5 Created Debate Your new Information Czar labeled Hunter Biden laptop story as fake news
1 Created Debate Woke students say there is no white culture. Then what are they complaining about?
1 Created Debate Woke students kicked out of ASU for racism
3 Created Debate Subway went woke, now closing thousands of stores
2 Created Debate Van Jones and others say black folks are leaving the Democratic Party
2 Created Debate When told the Republican tax plan was Bernie Sanders' plan, Democrats love it
5 Created Debate Are black Americans waking up to what the Democratic Party is?
5 Created Debate Rapper Killer Mike admits Trump was better than Biden
1 Created Debate Stacy Abrams slammed. Then deletes maskless picture
1 Created Debate Democrat watches leftist policy destroy his neighborhood and is shocked
1 Created Debate The censored doctors' positions are now left wing media's new positions
1 Added Argument You can't use logic & proof with Excon because he's the worst kind of racist big

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