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1 Created Debate The censored doctors' positions are now left wing media's new positions
1 Added Argument You can't use logic & proof with Excon because he's the worst kind of racist big
2 Created Debate White leftists keep admitting they are white supremacists
5 Created Debate Do you think any real racist is gonna change because of BLM being on a basketball court?
1 Added Argument Trump 15 Points Behind. Bronto Claims Trump "Surging" In Polls
5 Created Debate Black Trump supporter shot dead in broad daylight near his ‘Vote Trump’ bann
1 Created Debate Mark my words. Leftist psychopathy will end the day after the election
5 Created Debate Are you really going to vote for Joe Biden, and for what?
5 Created Debate AOC went by the name 'Sandy' before running for office
3 Created Debate BLM raised 350 million dollars. Not one penny went to black people
5 Created Debate Does it piss you off when a black man is killed by a black man?
1 Created Debate NBC worker who's Covid story was aired never had Covid
4 Created Debate Would you suggest that protesting on the freeway is a bad idea?
5 Created Debate CNN caught in Trump Mount Rushmore hoax
2 Created Debate Psychopathic left takes over area around New York City Hall
1 Added Argument Michelle Obama's white flight comments prove she's a racist
5 Created Debate Michelle Obama's white flight comments prove she's a racist

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