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1 Added Argument Is this clear? ;-Trump in- ISIS 'CONTROLLED', BIDEN IN- ISIS 'RAMPANT'.
1 Added Argument If there are no genders, shouldn't we shut down women's sports & just have sports
-1 Downvoted Argument If there are no genders, shouldn't we shut down women's sports & just have sports
1 Added Argument Why doesn't using the most powerful military in the world get us the outcome we want?
1 Added Argument Who's in charge of the U.S.A? Sleepy Joe or his minders?
1 Added Argument Police Officers sue Trump and far right alleging Capitol attack was terrorism, WAS IT?
1 Added Argument Was the $90 billion our politicians spent training the Afghan army money well spent?
1 Created Debate The common flu had a similar mortality rate to Covid-19 prior to flu vaccine
4 Created Debate If u didn't mask up when 80,000 people died of flu in 2018, are you a hypocrite?
3 Created Debate FBI says there was no insurrection. Leftist media caught lying again.
1 Created Debate Despite the left's best efforts at deprogramming gender, men labor, women nurse
2 Created Debate Obama killed Grandma, Grandpa, the neighbors, the pets, everyone
2 Created Debate Should vaccine have been required when Trump was pushing Operation Warp Speed?
1 Added Argument I LOVE Rachael Maddow AND, she's gay.. I LOVE Rachael Maddow BECAUSE she's gay.
0 Created Debate Does my vaccination protect my Grandma? Fact check: false
4 Created Debate Is Fauci a Communist, insane, or both?
1 Created Debate Is it better to kill grandma in 2018 like Con did or 2021 like I might?
1 Created Debate Why did Obama and Fauci fund the research that created Covid-19?
1 Created Debate Should we ban cars, streets, electricity and food to prevent grandmas from dying?
5 Created Debate How do you feel about Obama killing Grandmas at his party?
3 Added Argument Should the 'unvaxed' be left to die of covid-19 in specially insulated quarantine cells?
2 Created Debate Dem who said Republicans sent her a dog muzzle, mailed it to herself
2 Created Debate Libs scared out of their mind that a black man may become Governor of California
1 Created Debate Covid is another case of left creating a problem ''only they can fix''

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