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BrontoLite's Reward Points: 465

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1 Added Argument Why does Biden speak better in Europe than at home?
1 Created Debate If words are violence, what is real violence, a nuclear bomb?
1 Created Debate You can't make fun of a lib's wife, but you can bang em
4 Added Argument The left promotes this crap, so are we really surprised?
1 Added Argument America should try to have 1 billion citizens as a way to compete with China
5 Created Debate The Left's new America
1 Created Debate Gavin Newsome creates mask mandate, breaks it.
1 Added Argument If the Chinese take over our institutions, are we obligated to attack those institutions?
1 Added Argument Major networks reject documentary because it critisizes China
3 Added Argument When did Tucker Carlson become a traitorous ruskie??
1 Added Argument Are guns more dangerous than LSD? Why is one legal and the other not?
1 Added Argument Bill Maher crucifies the left
1 Added Argument Does someone who's half white and half Hispanic qualify as a person of color
5 Created Debate 80% of Americans want voter ID
1 Added Argument Should you apologize for things you said before political correctness?
5 Added Argument Left censors, locks down, doxes then claim right wing areas are police state
1 Added Argument If you have never stood against what was popular, you would have been a Nazi
1 Added Argument Which party is currently more liberal, Republican or Democrat?
1 Added Argument Biden says he wants a black woman for the court. Candace Owens?
2 Created Debate Left desperate to focus you on Jan 6th so you don't focus on Biden
1 Created Debate If Conservatives are born conservative, why don't you accept them?
3 Added Argument Was the Boston Tea Party an insurrection
5 Created Debate Biden says he wants a black woman for the court. Candace Owens?
1 Added Argument Would the ideas to clean the ocean actually work?

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