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1 Added Argument Suddenly the left are against protesting
10 Added Argument Is the world now facing Thucydides Trap?
5 Added Argument Can I be Semi-Nazi?
1 Added Argument Here is the Babbling Democrat Joe Biden
2 Added Argument Should students be paid for performance in school?
1 Added Argument Online Bookmakers Are Offering Some Good Deals On Who Trump Will Try To Scapegoat Next
2 Added Argument Why Would China give us covid
1 Added Argument Dairy Products Manipulate You Into Believing Completely False Claims!!
5 Added Argument New Zealand girl sees Texas Aggie Band. Agrees they're the best
4 Added Argument Which band is better, Texas Aggies or USC Trojans?
1 Added Argument What's a million and half kids, anyway?
2 Added Argument This Is What A Hypocrite Is
1 Added Argument Why do prolifers, oppose birth control?
1 Added Argument This Is Absolutely Ridiculous. There Are Now 621,762 Infections In The US.
2 Added Argument Just Look At What This Goddamned Idiot Has Done This Time
1 Added Argument Fact: Trump Has The Lowest Average Approval Rating Of Any President In The Last 80 Years
1 Added Argument Abortion will bring the wrath of God upon a wicked world
1 Added Argument Will the empty shelves in your grocery store FILL up, or will the full shelves EMPTY out?
2 Added Argument Many will depart from the faith and adhere to other ideologies
0 Added Argument New York Times deletes info about Biden concerning sexual misconduct
0 Added Argument Nom wants to know why US leftists can't contain Coronavirus when Mexico can
0 Added Argument Door to door gun grabbers make for tasty snacks. Remember that.
2 Added Argument Sanders Supporters Don’t Love Joe Biden. How Much Will That Matter?
3 Added Argument Conservative part of America has less Rona deaths than most European countries

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