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Centifolia's Reward Points: 1318

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Do you think all murders should be sentenced to death or should be given another chance.
1 Added Argument Is hope an emotion?
5 Added Argument Are we born good or evil
1 Added Argument Do Sports fanaticism lead to conflict between humans?
1 Added Argument Which is worse, ignorance or apathy?
1 Added Argument Pink or brown?
3 Added Argument Should siblings be allowed to marry?
1 Added Argument Should Wi-Fi be available free everywhere?
1 Added Argument Why do some people believe life starts at birth? Is this proper?
9 Added Argument When does life begin?
1 Added Argument Will Modern Technology Replace Book As The Main Resource Of education ?
1 Added Argument Can cell phones be used as a productive classroom tool?
2 Added Argument Did God commit suicide when he planned himself to die
1 Added Argument Would You Rather Be Stranded on an Island Alone or With Someone You Hate?
1 Added Argument Should the U.S. have gotten involved in WWII, had they not been attacked?
1 Added Argument Is It Worth To Go And Explore Mars
2 Added Argument Should breakfalls and basic defensive martial arts be part of school curiculum?
1 Added Argument Why does it feel so good to be bad?
10 Added Argument Is forcing your child to be a certain religion, a form of child abuse?
1 Added Argument Do women and men have an inverse "like appeal" as they become more successful?
9 Added Argument Would You Like To Be Famous?
6 Added Argument If Religion disappeared tomorrow...
1 Added Argument If you have made more than two hundred 1 lined comments you are a moron
1 Added Argument Things don't cease to exist, they change

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