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Chicken's Reward Points: 202

Points When What Where
2 High Rated Argument Pirates vs Ninjas
1 High Rated Argument Jokes Anyone? Funny and Clean; If You Can!!!
7 High Rated Argument Pirates vs Ninjas
1 Added Argument If you had three wishes in life you could have right now, what would they be?
1 Added Argument Cigarettes on the road to getting banned.
1 Added Argument Trust: Is there a way back once it's been broken?
1 Added Argument Why is it that speaking the truth is mostly connected to hurting someone?
1 Added Argument Should the president ever be allowed to declare war?
1 Added Argument Debate Topics - Do you have a favorite to delve into?
1 Added Argument Can gays be against gay marriage?
1 Added Argument Jokes Anyone? Funny and Clean; If You Can!!!
2 Added Argument Reasons to Remain Obstinant
1 Added Argument Should smoking be legal before 18?
1 Added Argument Did you all really forgot my one year anniversary here on CD? :(
1 Added Argument Are people on CD like Mary Mary Quite Contrary?
1 Added Argument Once you get your wings in heaven, do you start accumulating frequent flyer miles?
1 Added Argument Does today's generation of teenagers suck
1 Added Argument Should gay couples want their children to be gay?
1 Added Argument Here's What I Don't Understand About Religion
1 Added Argument A$$holes get a bad rap, and yet... homosexuals love them ;)
1 Added Argument Instant Turn Ons - What Are Yours?
1 Added Argument Is Obama's presidential team a bunch of idiots?
2 Created Debate How do u know if the one you have is the right one?
2 Added Argument Illness & Marriage: What Would You Do?

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