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ChuckHades's Reward Points: 3197

Points When What Where
2 High Rated Argument Is Debate.Org, on balance, a better Debating medium than
3 High Rated Argument Should we ban smoking everywhere?
4 High Rated Argument Is Obama is the worst president the USA ever had?
4 High Rated Argument Chuck Norris v.s jesus
1 High Rated Argument Scenerio: You used to be atheist and now your a Christian and then...
1 High Rated Argument Will Rascist People Go to Hell ?
2 High Rated Argument What is your description of an atheist?
4 High Rated Argument Evolution is a lie
2 Created Debate Is empiricism necessary to build a solid economic model?
1 Added Argument Happy Birthday to Prayerfails! 3 Years Old to CD.
1 Added Argument God of The Gaps
1 Added Argument Does "God" equal "Living Truth?"
4 Added Argument In history, who is the biggest culprit in murder?
1 Added Argument Which weighs more in our life? Intellect or Emotion?
3 Added Argument Science refutes God.
1 Added Argument Socialism vs. Capitalism
9 Added Argument Science refutes God.
1 Added Argument Athiesm poisoning religious peoples minds.
1 High Rated Argument Dreams are a valid reality
1 Added Argument If you had a $1,000,000.
2 Added Argument Does Universal Morality Exist?
1 Added Argument "The first stage of X is denial of X"
2 Created Debate "The first stage of X is denial of X"
1 Added Argument Do Atheists believe in luck?

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