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Cicero's Reward Points: 239

Points When What Where
1 High Rated Argument Capitalism vs Socialism
2 Added Argument Marx vs Rand
3 High Rated Argument Should abortion be made illegal?
1 Added Argument If you could intervene in history...
1 Added Argument is india potential to lead the world
1 Added Argument Should Ad Hominem attacks be Illegal in Political Advertisements?
2 Added Argument What's Something That You Would Change In The World?
1 Added Argument the history curriculum
0 Added Argument Should convicted felons be Granted welfare benefits indefinately?
0 Added Argument whites or blacks... who divides the two more?
2 Added Argument Do the people of a nation have an obligation to provide welfare to their fellow citizens?
0 Added Argument Since 1791 name some instances where a militia was used lawfully
1 Added Argument should mccain won in 2008
-1 Downvoted Argument should mccain won in 2008
1 Added Argument is ronald regan overrated
1 Added Argument Free-Market Police: Better or Worse?
4 Added Argument Should Patton have been allowed to invade russia in 1945?
2 Added Argument Another communist country bites the dust! Will the communist advocacy stop?
0 Added Argument Qymosabi vs white privilege
7 Added Argument Laissez faire economy
1 Added Argument Pagan holidays.
1 Added Argument Republican vs Democrat
0 Added Argument Reparations for Slavery
0 Added Argument Should Social Security be done away with?

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