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Cicero's Reward Points: 239

Points When What Where
0 Added Argument Should the u.s. be split into 10 sections ??
0 Added Argument What would happen if black Africans enslaved white Africans?
0 Added Argument Qymosabi vs white privilege
1 Added Argument Women Go Top Free, Men Wear Bras, Celebrate Alien Intelligelligent Designers
2 Added Argument That the sale of animals in pet stores should be banned.
1 Added Argument What more of a sign do we need?
1 Added Argument What would make you join an armed revolt?
1 Added Argument A list of things that suggest that you may be a liberal
1 Added Argument Jesus:"Who Do You Say That I Am?"
0 Added Argument The white Girl you?
1 Added Argument Spiritual, if God forgives all sins, are we not responsible for our actions?
1 Added Argument Should dictators be granted amnesty in exchange for stepping down?

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