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1 Created Debate Democrats attacking Mike Lindell is a bad look
3 Created Debate Is China gearing up for a world war?
1 Created Debate While people wait for help, Pelosi is negotiating herself a raise
3 Created Debate Democrats block emergency stimulus aid once again
1 Created Debate Excon will not be receiving stimulus aid.
5 Created Debate Red and Blue America are not experiencing the same pandemic
0 Created Debate What a NAZI looks like to Burritolunch
1 Added Argument Which health care system is ideal?
1 Added Argument Coronavirus enters the US through all of the leftist hotspots
1 Added Argument Democrats have gone insane, and voting for Biden proves it
1 Added Argument The idealistic power of (a) God.
1 Added Argument If enough Boomers die due to Corona - Could Bernie win?
2 Added Argument No body is 100% atheist

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