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1 Added Argument This is why Republicans despise the left
5 Created Debate This is why Republicans despise the left
9 Added Argument Free speech??? What about Disney's right to free speech?
2 Created Debate Post some videos of Trump saying anything as racist as these Biden gems
2 Added Argument How would the Democrats respond if Trump had been as bad as Biden?
5 Created Debate Why do millions of Republican minorities not feel oppressed
2 Added Argument BLM using mafia tactics against Cubans. Cubans rally against them
1 Created Debate This is what the left has become and cannot hide it anymore
1 Added Argument Orwell says burritolunch is a Nazi, so he is one
5 Created Debate Orwell says burritolunch is a Nazi, so he is one
2 Added Argument Why is Burrito constantly angry?
1 Added Argument Did Conservatives Or Communists Ignore Health Experts And Let In A Deadly Bat Virus?
5 Created Debate Is BLM the Klan with a tan?
1 Created Debate Each time these "police rioters" gets hurt or killed they ask for the police
1 Added Argument Why are multi national warships emassing in the South China Sea
1 Added Argument Does it take more work to overcome or play the victim?
1 Added Argument Is Jesus a symbol of white supremacy?
1 Added Argument GOP aghast as Trump's polls sink amid divisive racial rhetoric
1 Added Argument Does Europe owe Israel reparations for World War 2?
5 Created Debate Have you noticed that these Liberal Mayors DO control their police departments
1 Created Debate If Democrats can't protect their cities why would I vote for them?
1 Created Debate Name something you have done that no Black Conservative has ever done better?
4 Created Debate A clear explanation as to why burritolunch the Fascist calls others Fascists
1 Added Argument Would Fascists destroy cities or not destroy cities?

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