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DarkStar666's Reward Points: 51

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Theory of the value of life
0 Created Debate I am going to sacrifice Excon to babylonian gods while I burn the torah
0 Created Debate I am going to mix Andy's blood with Nom's blood and stir it with Bronto's dick
0 Created Debate I am going to sew Andy's butthole to Nom's mouth then sew Andy's mouth to Nom's dick
0 Created Debate I am going to put a banana peel on Andy butt hole after I rape him with a banana
1 Added Argument Pandemic Wasn't Enough, Four Asteroids Are Approaching Earth Says NASA
0 Created Debate Bernie Sanders is a decent, respectable human being with common sense soc-dem ideas
0 Created Debate Joe Biden is a tranny humping, child sniffing pedophilic cockshaft biscuit
0 Created Debate AOC is a bright and beautiful young woman and I want to suck on her boobs
0 Created Debate Donald Trump is an orange, Jew loving sack of shit who puts brown people in camps
0 Added Argument For the imbeciles who don't think rap is a legitimate form of poetry
-1 Downvoted Argument Most Democrats are conservatives (seriously think about it)

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