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Deli_Subs's Reward Points: 108

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4 Created Debate Does God Love Everybody?
1 Added Argument Is the Earth elliptical or flat
1 Added Argument Is The Earth Flat?
3 Created Debate Is The Earth Flat?
3 Added Argument The Argument from Fine Tuning
6 Added Argument Which Denomination Of Christianity Is The Most Biblical?
1 Added Argument A much better "atheist vs. Christian" debate than Saintnow's...
5 Created Debate Im Back What Did I Miss?
5 Created Debate Is What Black Lives Matter Protesters Preaching Correct?
1 Added Argument 100 Reasons why its stupid to believe in evolution
1 Added Argument Does The Bible Contain Contradictions?
1 Added Argument Are There Any Good Arguments For Gods Existence?

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