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Dermot's Reward Points: 5452

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Is there a war on cops?
1 Added Argument Is it wrong to practice witchcraft?
0 Added Argument Dermot sexually abused his own niece. He's not a very "niece" person is he?
0 Downvoted Argument HOOTIE
0 Downvoted Argument HOOTIE
1 Added Argument Is this site a troll-haven now?
-1 Downvoted Argument Which is better??
-1 Downvoted Argument England Owned Ireland For 800 Years!!
0 Downvoted Argument HOOTIE
5 Added Argument England Owned Ireland For 800 Years!!
0 Added Argument HOOTIE
2 Added Argument Do you believe that access to the internet should be recognized as a human right?
3 Added Argument Which is better??
2 Added Argument Are you oppressed if you work in a factory, or is it white privilege?
1 Added Argument If The Right Wing Is Good, Then Why Does Bronto Have The Personality Of A Toxic Fart?
1 Added Argument Do You Believe Consciousness Can Time Travel?
2 Added Argument If you paid into gofundme for Avenatti & Stormy, it went to Trump
7 Added Argument Whenever you’re asked to identity your race you should check “other”
1 Added Argument Any other armed atheists out there?
4 Added Argument Few people know the etymology of entomology's insectous relationship.
3 Added Argument On the TV show "The Voice", a Gay singer thanked the show for letting him use his platform
0 Added Argument Kool G Rap style verse
1 Added Argument No Friends
1 Added Argument Billionaires Should Not Exist

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