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DermotsRoach's Reward Points: 31

Points When What Where
0 Created Debate Mingiwuwu's profile pic makes him.look like a full blown faggot.
1 Added Argument The end of the monumental waste of time.
2 Added Argument The right accepts reality as it is. The left does not.
1 Added Argument And all nations will hate you because you are my followers.
3 Added Argument How zoology proves that christians are stupid
1 Created Debate Libs have created an Anti Trump at all costs Religious Cult
1 Added Argument Should I be a christianity or an atheism?
1 Added Argument Is a witch hunt, a witch hunt, even if they FIND witches??
1 Added Argument D.C. Legislator said "Jews Control The Weather" LMMFAO
1 Added Argument I was wrong about the death penalty.
2 Added Argument Should gay marrige be legal
5 Created Debate Is there a 'liberal Christianity' in reality?
1 Added Argument Progressive versus conservative, and why?
1 Added Argument Top ten rappers
1 Added Argument @Fresno_State President @JosephICastro do you support Professor Jarrar?
1 Added Argument Does god exist?
1 Added Argument Does anyone want to say who they are not? [For the April 1st Cleanup]
3 Added Argument Most poor people dont even try to save money even when they are able
1 Added Argument For Those Who Claim Capitalism Is The "Law Of The Jungle"
1 Added Argument I Am Literally So Sick Of Bronto's Shilling
1 Added Argument should plastic bags be banned
1 Added Argument Don’t put up with bullying on C D
0 Added Argument Does "Dummy Boy Dermot" Even Know The First Thing About Politics?

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