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DevinSeay's Reward Points: 1120

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1 Added Argument American politics & European politics are nothing alike
1 Added Argument Violence erupts at Berkeley March for Trump
1 Added Argument Music in cars!
1 Added Argument Obama disapproves of Kids Going to Private Schools
1 Added Argument I'm back bitches!
1 Added Argument I tried to watch Late night with Stephen Colbert & all I got was biased politics.
1 Added Argument 2 Drunk Mail Carriers vs. Blindfolded Wolverine on LSD
1 Added Argument The world is about to get worse.
1 Added Argument Which donut?
3 Added Argument Who would you rather your child be in a cell with?
5 Created Debate Should We, "Take The Fight" To ISIS?
0 Added Argument Is hitting someone justified if the person is trying to make you mad?

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