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DevinSeay's Reward Points: 1120

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Which is better 2?
1 Added Argument Is Islam good!
1 Added Argument Black Lives Matter Creator accuses Trump of Being Anti-Law and Order
1 Added Argument would u eat ice cream or brownies
1 Added Argument When and Where did the Russians hack the election
4 Created Debate Vandalism of Jewish Graves
1 Added Argument Should Illegal Immigrants Be Deported
1 Added Argument Is The Weather Channel Drama Queens?
5 Created Debate Is The Weather Channel Drama Queens?
1 Added Argument A privately owned business should be able to legally choose who it serves.
4 Added Argument People With Low IQ Scores Should Be Sterilized.
1 Added Argument Modern day feminism is full of crap.
4 Added Argument Is America a Republic or democracy?
1 Added Argument Is homosexuality a mental disorder?
1 Added Argument To end a war
1 Added Argument Westborow baptist church members should be deported
1 Added Argument The slippery slope LGBTQXYZABC alive & well. Rachel Dolezal says she identifies as black.
1 Added Argument Does Christian privilege in society exist?
1 Added Argument Pepsi or Coke
3 Added Argument All of the guest reading this!
1 Added Argument Did Stalin's rule devastate the lives of the local Russians?
1 Added Argument Bergdahl Might Get Off Because Of Trump.
3 Created Debate Bergdahl Might Get Off Because Of Trump.
1 Added Argument Do progressive liberals really "love" Muslims?

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