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DisputedByMe's Reward Points: 102

Points When What Where
4 Added Argument Christianity or Judaism?
5 Created Debate Christianity or Judaism?
5 Added Argument Are Races equal?
1 Added Argument Now we see the results of the lockdowns Republicans warned you about
-1 Downvoted Argument Abortion is wrong
10 Added Argument Abortion is wrong
1 Added Argument Why are people so intolerant of other people’s gender or sexual identity?
2 Added Argument Any suggestions for a good debate website?
1 Added Argument Russia will win the war against Ukraine
1 Added Argument Why I this website so dead?!? The traffic is embarrisingly low
1 Added Argument Who Will Win the War in Ukraine?
4 Added Argument Who Will Win the War in Ukraine?
5 Created Debate Who Will Win the War in Ukraine?
10 Added Argument America should try to have 1 billion citizens as a way to compete with China
1 Added Argument How do Christians believe God loves us amidst such suffering?
2 Added Argument Was the term, 'White Supremacy' coined because it's a glaring truth?
1 Added Argument Shoud There be Flavored Milk In Schools Yes Or NO
1 Added Argument I hate it when a store is jammed packed full of black - brown - red and yellow people
8 Added Argument Did Putin move on Ukraine because we voted in an imbecile as our President?
5 Added Argument Has Russia bitten off more than it can chew? If Ukraine is subdued, what next?
2 Added Argument Bible Is True - vs. - Bible Is False
4 Added Argument Does God exist?
4 Added Argument Does Trump Have a High IQ?
3 Added Argument Do Theories Imply Uncertainty by Nature?

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