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1 Created Debate It isn't minorities the left supports. It supports black followers.
5 Created Debate Took Biden less than two months to start bombing Syria again.
4 Created Debate Leftism and dating apps have given the dominant men a monopoly on women
3 Created Debate The left spent $787 million on '' gender projects'' in Afghanistan
5 Created Debate Democrats slammed for doctoring evidence for impeachment trial
5 Created Debate Let's pretend this was the Trump administration for a minute
5 Created Debate Is a flying car still a car, or is it an airplane?
2 Added Argument Still waiting for a leftist to show a clip of Trump calling for violence at the capitol
2 Created Debate Are you one of the fake woke who the 1% leads by the nose like a b---ch?
5 Created Debate Man charged in US Capitol riot worked for FBI, lawyer says
5 Created Debate Still waiting for a leftist to show a clip of Trump calling for violence at the capitol
5 Created Debate Biden still hasn't tried to repeal Trump's tax cuts that you said were just for rich
1 Created Debate The people who said we don't need guns or walls surrounded themselves with both
1 Added Argument Amarel Has 6 Guns. His Wife Has Mace To Protect Herself From Amarel's Guns
1 Added Argument When Communism wins over the West, women's rights will be gone forever
4 Created Debate Biden's Covid deathcount at monumental, horrific, plague levels
1 Added Argument Guys, Screech From Saved By The Bell Died
1 Created Debate When someone says they are left I assume they think the media isn't the 1%
1 Added Argument Can the Democrats impeach a ''FORMER'' President who doesn't hold any other public office?
1 Created Debate Amy Coney Barret, religious freak, Biden, good Christian man, Omar, good Muslim

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