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Enchilada's Reward Points: 91

Points When What Where
-1 Downvoted Argument Should we in America accept that our society is uncurably feral & uncivilized?
2 Added Argument Should we in America accept that our society is uncurably feral & uncivilized?
1 Added Argument Has the myth finally been debunked, that a good guy with a gun saves lives?
1 Created Debate If Biden was doing a decent job, libs wouldn't fear Trump winning in 2024
2 Created Debate When Libs call a plumber, electrician, mechanic etc, it's usually a Conservative
1 Added Argument What party are self sufficient people a part of?
0 Created Debate Biden inflation causes wages to drop. Economy facing collapse.
5 Created Debate If you support legal but not illegal immigration, are you anti immigrant?
1 Added Argument Hmm? We're poised for an economic BOOM. Who'd belive that Joe Biden could do that?
1 Added Argument Right wingers HATE fixing pot holes, but they drive too, don't they??
3 Created Debate The Democrats now: Build the wall
2 Added Argument Why is lawlessness fostered on our southern border?
5 Created Debate MLB moves allstar game from minority area to white area 2 appease white leftists
5 Created Debate It was a hate crime until they found out the guy's name
5 Created Debate It isn't minorities the left supports. It supports black followers.
5 Created Debate Took Biden less than two months to start bombing Syria again.
5 Created Debate Leftism and dating apps have given the dominant men a monopoly on women
3 Created Debate The left spent $787 million on '' gender projects'' in Afghanistan
5 Created Debate Democrats slammed for doctoring evidence for impeachment trial
5 Created Debate Let's pretend this was the Trump administration for a minute
5 Created Debate Is a flying car still a car, or is it an airplane?
2 Added Argument Still waiting for a leftist to show a clip of Trump calling for violence at the capitol
2 Created Debate Are you one of the fake woke who the 1% leads by the nose like a b---ch?
5 Created Debate Man charged in US Capitol riot worked for FBI, lawyer says

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