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FUMarxists's Reward Points: 26

Points When What Where
2 Added Argument Traditional rulers are more important than civilian rulers
1 Added Argument How is it possible that most of the top Conservative podcasts are minorities?
2 Added Argument Left may get vaccine mandates but starve due to truckers protests & strikes
1 Added Argument At what point do you say enough is enough and go live your life
1 Added Argument Biden doesn't represnt MLK's dream
1 Added Argument The ''Voting Rights Act'' has nothing to do with voters rights
1 Added Argument Democrats say the problem isn't them. It's their voters' fault
1 Added Argument Could we become a white Christian authoritarian state if Trump and the R's win?
1 Added Argument If Mars is our only hope for humanity, will things still be the same?
1 Added Argument It's okay to admit you got conned by Biden and the media
1 Added Argument Liberals are just mad they can't date Donald Trump

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