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FUNMUN's Reward Points: 127

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Islam is the beast system of Revelation
1 Added Argument Barack Obama is a Muslim Sympathizer as stated in his Farewell Speech
1 Added Argument Progressive Rosie O'Donnell calls for Martial Law to stop Trump
5 Created Debate Are you for or against political parties?
0 Created Debate Are you for or against having Political parties?
5 Created Debate Would you rather be Free or secure?
1 Added Argument Is it morally acceptable to have premarital sex.
1 Added Argument Should America bring her troops home and have a stronger national defense?
1 Added Argument Amy Schumer still crying over a Trump win
3 Created Debate Should prostitution be made legal?
1 Added Argument Saved VS Lost
1 Added Argument Is it Always Wrong for Men to Hit Women?
1 Added Argument Should Girls Be Able to Play On The Boys Sports Team?
3 Added Argument Where should the power in government come from?
2 Added Argument Declaration of Independence
5 Created Debate Where should the power in government come from?
1 Added Argument Are strong Worker Unions necessary in a fair and equal society?
1 Added Argument Constitutional Monarchy
1 Added Argument Is Arabic a sexy language?
4 Created Debate I hiding the truth a lie?
1 Added Argument The present generation of youth are too pampered and spoilt
1 Added Argument Is Preference In Race Considered Racism?
1 Added Argument I think I'm being followed on social media - should I be paranoid?
2 Added Argument Trumps Generals

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