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Facadeon's Reward Points: 510

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Abortion is a woman's debate, not one for men.
1 Added Argument How much did Fight Club mindfuck you?
3 Added Argument To Christians: Homosexuality a sin?
2 Created Debate I am Dave Exclamation mark Yognaut
1 Added Argument God is evil.
1 Added Argument How can gay marriage hurt any one?
-1 Downvoted Argument We have achieved significant milestones in the past few weeks...come take a look
1 Added Argument Would you call Cheetos chips?
-1 Downvoted Argument Would you call Cheetos chips?
1 Added Argument who believes in magic?
1 Added Argument So you think the bible is perfect?
1 Added Argument Should Video games be art?

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