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2 Added Argument Having saw the Democrats' behavior during Barr hearing, I'm ashamed for America
1 Added Argument Burritolunch caught lying redhanded once again.
0 Added Argument Bronto Lying About Trump's Job Approval Again. Falsely Claims 51 Percent Figure.
1 Added Argument ANTIFA outed by his grandma. Turns out she is a Trump supporter.
1 Added Argument BLM using mafia tactics against Cubans. Cubans rally against them
1 Added Argument Biden ahead of Trump in the polls
1 Added Argument Trump 50% Approval Rating 3 Points Higher than Obama at Same Point in Presidency
2 Added Argument Allright Libs. You ready to start destroying more statues yet?
1 Added Argument Facebook blocks post as false information, left wing outlet covered same info
1 Added Argument Let's just fucking solve 90 percent of this shit.
1 Added Argument Journalist called them peaceful protests, then rioters torched his home
1 Added Argument Media is panicking as riots are backfiring on the Democratic Party
1 Added Argument Do you think any real racist is gonna change because of BLM being on a basketball court?
1 Added Argument Why Are Racists Often The Last People To Realise They Are Racists?
2 Added Argument This is just how racist white Democrats are
4 Added Argument Why is it that blacks are getting killed, and only the right cares
3 Added Argument If you were to vote today, who would you vote for
2 Added Argument The more minorities become Republican, the more the left attacks minorities

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