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FanaticPimp's Reward Points: 48

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument The left promotes this crap, so are we really surprised?
1 Added Argument Is the world headed for WW III??
1 Added Argument Should we just have unisex bathrooms?
1 Created Debate Even liberals see how shitty blue areas are
5 Created Debate If the left helps create a virus, am I obligated to mask up for their stupidity?
5 Created Debate The racist Democrats at Facebook label video of black people as ''primates''
5 Created Debate You geniuses won't have gas, but at least you got Biden
1 Created Debate You geniuses won't have gas, but at least you got Biden
5 Created Debate Is whites are the problem the same as Jews are the problem in Nazi Germany?
5 Created Debate Let left wing cities police themselves Mad Max style with no police
1 Added Argument Is there a war on cops?
2 Added Argument Is there a war on cops?
1 Added Argument Cancel culture is the modern spirit of book burning
-1 Downvoted Argument UN comes out in defense of ANTIFA
1 Added Argument Asymptomatic Covid patients RARELY spread to others WHO claims
1 Added Argument Trump admitted he is against the 1st amendment and freedom of speech
5 Created Debate Would Fascists destroy cities or not destroy cities?
3 Created Debate Excon votes Democrat, but moved to a more Conservtive area
1 Added Argument How slippery do you have to be to QUOTE my debate, and then BAN me from answering??
1 Created Debate Most of these white liberals are rich kids & people stealing labor while not laboring
3 Added Argument CNN warns of bloodshed if Trump attempts to retake the CHAZ in Seattle

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