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Floxu's Reward Points: 56

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5 Created Debate If both the American Right and Left creates propaganda too, will it spark a civi
1 Added Argument Dartmouth Study Highlights mass Intolerance & Groupthink Among Liberal Students
2 Added Argument Rise Of The New World Nazi's
1 Added Argument When libs lie & try to say Denmark is socialist & Venezuela is not socialist
1 Added Argument Rise Of The New World Nazi's
1 Added Argument Israel blamed us Muslims for 9/11
1 Added Argument Can you disagree with someone's politics and not hate them?
2 Added Argument Are you artistic?
1 Added Argument Proof that evolution isn't any better than religion.
1 Added Argument opinion on spoons?
5 Created Debate Are you artistic?
2 Added Argument Why are most Liberals against Conservatives?
0 Added Argument New riddle oh oh oh
1 Added Argument An excercise in psychoanalysis
5 Created Debate Why are most Liberals against Conservatives?
1 Added Argument Is it the U.S.'s responsibility to defend Europe?
1 Added Argument Time for a riddle
2 Added Argument If you're an atheist and a friend invites you to church, are you allowed to go?
1 Added Argument I don't want Russians illegaly jumping the Alaskan border. Am I a racist?
1 Added Argument Is Patriotism good or bad?
1 Added Argument 4 boys rescued so far! 8 boys and coach still in cave. Incredible work!
1 Added Argument Poland says it's safe because it has no illegal migrants
1 Added Argument I COULD find nutty right wingers and post their craziness.. Would it MEAN anything?
1 Added Argument July 4 Parades Turn Kids Into Republicans

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