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GreenThing's Reward Points: 54

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Can we EVER be a functioning muliti-cultural republic?
2 Added Argument Systemic racism is real in the us
2 Added Argument Systemic racism is real in the us
5 Created Debate Let's celebrate Black people breaking away from the plantation owning white libs
5 Created Debate BLM Activist trashes police, gets shot and killed in gang violence
5 Created Debate This is who the left is
5 Created Debate If gender doesn't exist, can misogyny exist in a genderless world?
2 Added Argument Faith versus Logic
5 Created Debate Does this video perfectly describe the user named "burritolunch"?
1 Added Argument You'd think the Justices Trump picked for SCOTUS would vote to save him
0 Created Debate ADDLTD ran everyone off. Now the site is spammed nonstop.
1 Created Debate If libs condemn black cops why should anyone try to fix anything or care?
1 Created Debate Was DeBlasio using "secret police"?
3 Created Debate The Democrats have brought us back to segregation, & you aren't going to say a word
1 Added Argument Burritolunch caught lying redhanded once again.
2 Created Debate Abolish police & we create our own that don't wear badges or identify themselves
2 Created Debate Zogby Poll has Trump surging
1 Created Debate Do you think pollsters go to rural America to do their polling?
1 Created Debate The left acts like the orcs from Lord of the Rings
5 Created Debate Do white men know what it's like to be under attack?
3 Created Debate Do you believe in individual rights? Why or why not?
1 Added Argument CIVIL WAR. LET'S GET IT ON!
-1 Downvoted Argument Was the Boston Tea Party a riot? Is looting tea any different than looting Jack Daniels?
1 Added Argument Are the governors, who're opening up their states, bowing to politics or science?

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