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Gypsee's Reward Points: 343

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Has the black's ''victimhood''/''oh poor us'' false narrative been over sold?
2 Added Argument Should a woman who is outnumbered by rapists with guns submit to being raped?
1 Added Argument When Communism wins over the West, women's rights will be gone forever
5 Added Argument Government should provide guns as free healthcare protection
1 Added Argument Nom, you adorable little shit
1 Added Argument Far right Nazis pretending to be Socialists are pushing the left towards Nazism
1 Added Argument DC Capital Police shot and killed one of the rioters. Was it a lawful shoot?
1 Added Argument LIVE: House Vote To Impeach Donald Trump
2 Added Argument Dictators rely on the power to censor what they don't like - Trump is being censored
2 Added Argument Fascism is an evolution of Socialism
1 Added Argument Commies say burn it down while critisizing "insurrection"
1 Added Argument If Americans Aren't Stupid Then How Did Trump Ever Manage To Become President?

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