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1 Added Argument When Excon tried to defend left claiming right was the ones defunding the police
-1 Downvoted Argument Illinois Democrat Congressperson says Hitler was right
1 Added Argument Illinois Democrat Congressperson says Hitler was right
1 Added Argument Can we EVER be a functioning muliti-cultural republic?
5 Created Debate What should I take from Florida doing better than NY on Covid
3 Added Argument Having a good 420 day?? No?? Still puting pot smokers in jail, huh? Is that good??
1 Added Argument Here's Why Capitalism Is An Antiquated System
1 Added Argument Here is the ‘quality’ type debating C D fully supports
3 Created Debate Conservatives by far the best on Moral Foundation Questionnaire
5 Created Debate Donald Trump kicked Epstein out after he harrassed a young girl
2 Added Argument Is being transgender okay? Should we support them and the transgender movement?
3 Created Debate Democrats now support homeschooling
1 Added Argument Just how fake are left wing polls?
5 Created Debate Just how fake are left wing polls?
2 Created Debate Trump Hits 51 Percent Approval, 7 Points Higher Than Obama on Same Day in 2012
0 Added Argument This is the Brain Test Trump continually brags about passing:
1 Added Argument I thought right wingers HATED pedophiles?? No, huh? Trump LOVES the procurer in CHIEF
1 Created Debate Is Intersectionality/Intersectionalism a religion?
1 Created Debate Is allowing one side and banning the other sides' events the path to a hot war?
1 Created Debate Media Matters is a Communist propaganda machine
3 Created Debate BLM's own website says its mission is to 'destroy the nuclear family'
1 Created Debate Is Trump and Trumpism just a symptom of the left becoming authoritarian ?
2 Created Debate Will BLEXIT and #walkaway be the downfall of the Democratic Party?
-1 Downvoted Argument GOP aghast as Trump's polls sink amid divisive racial rhetoric

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